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At The Chicago Lighthouse, our Tools for Living Store® and the assistive technologies that we recommend are a part of our comprehensive model of care in vision rehabilitation.

The Tools for Living Store
® is a one-of-a-kind resource for people who are blind or visually impaired. Our team believes that anything is possible with the correct assistance. With that said, The Chicago Lighthouse has remained a trendsetter in the field since 1906. 

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Assistive Technology can be confusing, with a number of different of devices available for a number of different tasks...Should I get a desktop CCTV or a handheld? Would a wearable work for me, and if so which is the best one for my eye condition? What is OCR and what can it do to help me?

Let us Help! Our trained staff can evaluate your specific needs and what technologies will let you achieve your goals. We would love to meet with you at one of our two locations in Chicago, talk to you on the phone or even do an in-home evaluation with you!

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